The Sapphire Pegasus Awards for outstanding performances in the field of Business Aviation in the Caribbean will be presented at the Caribbean Aviation Meetup, June 12-14, in the Bahamas. The elite Award winners will be announced and honored during an Award Dinner on the Tuesday night of the conference.  Antonia Lukacinova, the CEO and Founder of the Sapphire Pegasus will fly from Prague to the Caribbean for the event and will moderate the presentations together with Seth Miller an independent travel journalist from New York. It will be the second year that Award will be presented in the Western Hemisphere.

The Sapphire Pegasus Award is an opportunity not only to honor, but also to thank the winners for their excellent performance. Receiving a Sapphire Pegasus Award will be a great achievement,” says Cdr. Bud Slabbaert, Chairman of the Board of Advisors of the Award organization for the Caribbean. “Our panel of judges takes its mandate very serious. We aim to remove any subjectivity about performance and replace it with a thorough and objective review and validation.”

Mr. Slabbaert, who is also in charge of the development in the Western Hemisphere, makes no secret out of it that the organization is exploring possibilities to expand in the Americas. In Europe, the award recognition is celebrated during EBACE in Geneva. The Award is endorsed by the EBAA, AFBAA, CEPA, WCA and BACA professional business aviation organizations. With the gained experiences on both sides of the ocean the worldwide program will be modified and improved where needed.

The Sapphire Pegasus Award Board of Advisors in the Caribbean identifies and reviews individuals, teams or organizations that deserve to be honored based on the excellent work they did for their clients, the industry or community.

I’m excited that the trophy is presented to outstanding performers in Caribbean, and in the future beyond the region,” commented Deborah Aharon, Manager of the Provo Air Center on the Turks & Caicos Islands. “I received the Award myself last year and I was deeply touched. I experienced the feeling. I want other hard working and brilliant professionals in the region to be honored and recognized by an impartial organization for their excellent activities.” Deborah is now also a Member of the Board of Advisors.

The conception of the Award to honor the elite of Business Aviation, as well as the worldwide organization of the events is handled by Media Tribune marketing and PR agency in Prague, Czech Republic. The Sapphire Pegasus Award trophy is created in hours of handmade work by the glass masters of Moser; Moser Bohemian crystal is worldwide unrivalled, same as the glassworks itself and its designers.

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